7 ways to Overcome a Fear of the Dentist

Dentist fear

Most dental patients start their visits by expressing their fear of dentists and stressing that their primary reason for attendance is the severe pain for a tooth that needed to be looked at a while ago. Don’t worry it is not only you!! A recent research study found that 75 % of people suffer from dental phobias.

Patients fear the dentist to the extent that they do not go when there is a problem and instead suffer in pain. Most of these patients typically find that their tooth at that stage becomes non-salvageable or infections spreading to other teeth or the gums

The role of the dentist in getting rid of this phobia

Dentists have an important role in helping their patients to get rid of their dental phobia and helping them to attend the dentist if they feel any pain occurring rather than waiting for it to worse. Some of the serious complications can be avoided by:

1 – Talking to the patient, reassuring them and trying to remove the barrier of fear from the dentist. Warm welcoming is always necessary.

2- Emphasizing that modern dental treatments are relatively painless.

dentist fear nepeandentalimplants

3- Explaining to the patient that the measures used in sterilizing equipment prevent the transmission of infection. This will help those patients who have a phobia of transmitting infection, better understand the protocols used in the modern day.

Do you feel scared or anxious when you need to visit the Best Dentist in Blacktown? This condition is known as a phobia of dental treatment. There are some tips you can do to overcome this feeling.

How to overcome your fear of a dentist

1- Understanding of the procedure

Knowledge is power. The understanding of dental procedure reduces stress. Speak to your dentist in detail regarding the dental problem you are facing, the cause, treatment options, and procedure length so that you are mentally prepared for it.

2- Connect with your dentist.

The basis of any good relationship between dentist and patient is effective communication. Talking to your dentist before, during and after the treatment will help to ease your fears. Talk to your dentist about any concerns you may have before proceeding with a procedure. Ask your dentist to keep you informed during the treatment. Remember that you have the right to know what is going on.

3- Find a friend to come with you

You can ask one of your friends or family to share your experience with you at the dentist. Consider asking a friend or family member to accompany you to the appointment. It may help you to distract yourself during treatment and may also help you relax.

4- Plan your visits gradually

Once you find a dentist you feel comfortable with, select a series of visits. Start with simple procedures such as cleaning your teeth, and then go to more complex procedures such as root canals or implant placement. This will help you to establish a trust relationship with your dentist. Whenever you get comfortable visiting a dentist, you will build more positive experiences that will get rid of your dentist phobia.

5- Use relaxation methods

Distraction and relaxation methods will help you have a pleasant experience with your dentist and may reduce your fears. There are many different relaxation techniques, from breathing exercises, using headphones in your ears listening to your favorite music, to medications that you can use to control your dental phobia. You can also use a pressure ball to distract and relax during the appointment.

6- Book early dentist appointments in Nepean Dental

Always go for morning or early dental visits to remove the burden of the dental treatment off your shoulders and avoid stressing all day. Another important point is that adrenaline which is responsible for helping you deal with fears and phobias is secreted in good amounts in the morning.

Know that your fear of a dentist is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But this fear should not stop you from receiving proper dental care for simple things avoiding which can seriously affect your oral health.

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