Diabetes: It’s Effect on Oral Health and Vice Versa


The relationship between oral and systemic health is a strong one. In fact, studies have shown that the more aggressive gum disease is, the more challenging it is for the body to control and manage underlying health conditions. One such example is diabetes.

Blood Sugar Levels Spiralling Out of Control

Dental plaque biofilm love sugars. In fact, they thrive on them. When the blood sugar levels are elevated, it can cause oral biofilm to flourish. This creates inflammation, bleeding, and infection that is difficult for your immune system to manage — primarily because of the patient’s underlying diabetes.
Consequently, the higher the level of dental plaque that the patient has, the more challenging it is to control their blood sugar levels. Even if the patient is on medication or a special diet, an active oral infection may prevent the possibility of regulating blood sugar and insulin.

Unless patients see a dentist, they may never be able to get your diabetic condition back on track.

Start with the Mouth

Assuming patient is already seeing a physician for their diabetes — as well as eating properly and taking medication — they may not know what to do next. If the patient is a diabetic, we recommend seeing our dentist for a gum evaluation and cleaning.

Carefully cleaning the teeth, under the gums, and screening for active periodontal disease is an essential step in promoting overall health. By eliminating any periodontitis that may be present, it makes it easier for their body to control blood sugar levels.

It’s true. Research shows the more aggressive the gum disease is, the more challenging it is to control diabetes. But in contrast, the better the oral health is, the easier it is to manage blood sugar levels.

Diabetics who treat their gum disease find that they consequently have an easier time controlling their blood sugar.

Re-Vamp Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to keeping teeth and gums as healthy as possible:

• Book a check and clean every six months
• Floss your teeth daily (be sure to wrap the gums tightly against the tooth and slide it up and down under the gums)
• Waterpik is highly recommended to clean the in-between tooth spaces and under the gums with water pressure
• Brush gently along the gumlines, even if gums are swollen and bleeding
• Ask the dentist which type of toothpaste and/or mouthwash is best for you to use
• Avoid drying mouth rinse that contains alcohol

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