How a beautiful healthy smile contributes to whole-body wellness

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Your mouth is a gateway to your body. We overlook that the human body is an interrelated system. Poor oral health has been related to inflammation, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Progressive gum disease can increase the risk of deadly heart attacks up to 8 times more.

A huge percentage of long-lasting progressive diseases may initiate from oral diseases, with the most common listed as circulatory heart disease and arthritis.

Previously poor oral health connection to several body diseases was just a theory, but now this theory has been confirmed extensively and is considered as fact. Germs and harmful bacteria from infections such as decaying teeth, roots, inflamed gum tissues, and tonsils, can be transferred to the heart, eyes, kidneys, lungs, or other organs and tissues.

The core part of teeth is known as “dentin,” and while this looks as if solid, it is in fact made up of the minute “tubules.” In healthy teeth, these channels transport a fluid that nourishes the tooth. However, any little organisms hiding in these channels move more into the inside of the tooth to stay and then increase in number. These organisms can become pathogenic and can produce serious disease due to their adaptation capabilities.

Risks of Poor Dental Health

Contagious infections and bacteria in the mouth can disturb the whole body. It is proved that poor dental health can result in endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of your heart. This can happen when harmful bacteria from your mouth spread throughout your tubules, lymph nodes and bloodstream then attach themselves to damaged areas of your heart.

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  • Use nontoxic products.
  • Brush regularly using a toothbrush, replace your toothbrush every few months and after being sick.
  • If you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, please consider quitting.
  • Regular professional cleanings.
  • Regularly visit your dentist, don’t neglect your gums.

Detox your mouth for your whole body health

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