Is Professional Teeth Whitening Really Worth It?

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You’re probably aware that many dentists provide teeth whitening services, but why should you choose this method over the numerous whitening treatments available at your local grocery or drug store? While some over-the-counter teeth whitening products work well, a professional whitening treatment has many advantages that far outweigh the convenience and cost of these do-it-yourself options.

1. You’re Guaranteed Even Results When your Teeth are Whitened Professionally

Your local store’s products are more of a one-size-fits-all generic approach. If you use a formula or trays that are not customized to your teeth and mouth, you may notice that your teeth have different shades. When you have your teeth professionally whitened, a bleaching solution is created specifically for your needs, resulting in evenly whitened teeth.

2. Professionals Can Remove Stains

Because over-the-counter bleaching solutions have such a low peroxide concentration, they struggle to remove old stubborn stains that penetrate deep into the enamel. When you have your teeth professionally whitened, the types of staining you have will be considered when developing your treatment plan.

3. A Professional Can Whiten Your Teeth Quicker

Drugstore at-home bleaching kits are intended to be used over several days, sometimes with multiple daily treatments. A professional can produce pleasing results in much less time. Typically, in a matter of a few sessions.

4. Professional Whitening is Healthier for your Teeth

After a thorough examination, a professional will perform whitening. If any issues are discovered, they must be addressed before the whitening treatment can begin. The bleaching agent in whiteners is slightly corrosive, and if you have problems with your teeth or gums, over-the-counter treatments can aggravate them.

5. You May Not be a Candidate and a Professional will Tell you Honestly.

Teeth whitening is not appropriate for everyone. A dead tooth, for example, cannot be whitened. A bleaching treatment will not help. You can determine a different course of treatment that will work if you speak with a professional.

At Penrith Dental Implants, we offer Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Option. Are you ready to see if you qualify and learn more about the service? Book an Appointment Here. We’ll make your teeth look younger and brighter in a safe way!


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