Missing Teeth and The Replacement Options

Causes of missing teeth

Causes of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth in adults are a common issue. There can be several causes of missing teeth in adults.

  • Congenitally missing teeth: Some people are born to congenitally have missing teeth such as wisdom teeth, upper incisors or second premolars. Often, this is a hereditary condition.

Also, an inherited disorder called ectodermal dysplasia can also result in missing teeth.

  • Tooth decay leading to the destruction of tooth structure is the main reason for the loss of teeth. The condition results when patients delay the dental treatment as they think it’s not painful and not needing to be addressed not realizing most teeth are hard to save with simple fillings when the pain starts


If the missing teeth are left untreated, it can lead to various oral health issues. The front teeth start drifting, and molars start tilting over a long period leading to complex jaw problems. Fortunately, missing teeth is no longer a problem. There is a variety of options available to replace those missing teeth to restore the beauty as well as the functionality of your mouth.

Missing Teeth Dental Implant Solutions

Replacement Solution for Single Missing Tooth

A dental implant or bridge can be used to replace the single missing tooth. A dental bridge is a good option when you have teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. But it has a disadvantage. The adjacent teeth need to be prepared for the crown to provide support to the missing teeth bridge. We use dental implants to replace missing teeth as it does not need adjacent supporting teeth and prevents loss of bone related to missing teeth.

Replacement of Multiple Missing Teeth

At Nepean Dental Implants, we offer three highly-effective options to replace missing teeth. These include:

  • Teeth dentures that are supported by implants
  • Ceramic Bridges supported by implants
  • All -on-4 implants
  • Partial acrylic dentures

All Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants

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If multiple teeth are missing, you may need a full replacement of your teeth. Conventionally, complete dentures are used to replace full missing teeth set. Dentures are sometimes had problems moving around, making it difficult to chew. A patient who doesn’t like their dentures can explore All-on-4 dental implants were cleverly placed 4 implants support a ceramic bridge of 12 teeth.

Imagine regaining the confidence to eat all types of food, laugh, and smile. It is possible! Thanks to the most advanced technologies, low dose cone beam(CT) scans and dental scanners to be able to give you strong, natural-looking new teeth and a new smile. Consult Dr. Singh for details about these procedures, options, and risks associated with each procedure and how to get the best outcome.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, and before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another dental practitioner as well to make an informed decision.


We provide our patients with professional and latest full missing teeth replacement solutions using advanced techniques and advanced teeth implants.


Get in touch with us to know the options for causes of Missing Teeth and consult us regarding which missing teeth solutions best suit your requirements! Book an Assessment**- Click here.


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